LPWAN Server, open-source LPWAN Provisioning and Management network-server

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LPWAN Server

The LPWAN Server sits above a set of LPWANs that may employ differing LPWAN technologies and may be owned by one or more LPWAN operators. The LPWAN Server provides a unified interface across LPWAN technologies and/or operators as a single interface to Low Power WAN (LPWAN) application vendors.

The LPWAN Server Architecture Overview       Installation of your very own LPWAN Server


LPWAN Server UI is the user interface that allows for easy management of LPWAN applications and devices via a web browser, across all LPWAN networks associated with the system.

How to Use the UI


LPWAN Server REST API is the REST server that does the work of the LPWAN Server system. The LPWAN Server UI uses the LPWAN Server REST API to manage the system, but any UI could be coded to directly interact with the system.

REST API Documentation

LPWAN Server Customization

The LPWAN Server is designed to be customized and extended to access other LPWAN servers on behalf of the application vendors. This extension could be to new LPWAN servers of an existing network type, servers that implment a new API, or even servers that support a new communications model with the end devices.

Existing Extensions

New Network Types New Network Protocols New Reporting Protocols

LoRa Server

For efficient and fast deployment of LoRaWAN IoT devices and services, an optimized solution is available with full integration to the LPWAN Server. The LoRaServer project provides open-source components for building LoRaWAN networks. https://loraserver.io

Community & Support


For questions and community support, please refer to forum.lpwanserver.com.


Did you find a bug? Please report this issue by creating an issue on GitHub:

LPWAN Server Issues