Device Profile Management

A Device Profile is used to define the settings for a given set of devices on a given Network Type. The idea is that most Applications will support some number of Devices that all require the same settings for a given Network Type. By using a common Device Profile, configuring new Devices is relatively easy.

Further, Device Profiles are defined for a Company, so Devices may be used for multiple Applications, but use the same Device Profile (e.g., Company WheresMy has a GPS tracker that they use for their “Where’s Fido?” Application and “Where’d I Park My Car?” Application, both using the NB-IoT Device Profile named “NB-IoT GPS Device”).

The Home screen has a tab for managing Device Profiles for the company. This tab lists the Device Profiles for the logged-in user’s company, or all Device Profiles from all companies for system administrators (can be limited by the company selection list).

To get details on an User, click on the username. To create new user, click the “CREATE USER” button.

The fields of a Device Profile are almost entirely defined by the Network Type that the Device Profile is created for. The only exception as of this writing is the name.

Note that a Device Profile is only valid for a single NetworkType. Therefore, the selection of the NetworkType is managed through radio buttons rather than checkboxes.

Device Profile Form