Application Management

Applications are used to group devices together that serve essentially the same purpose. Data is collected from devices connecting to the various Networks, and then sent to the Application Vendor using the Reporting Protocol defined.

When you first log in to the LPWAN Server UI, the Home screen is displayed.
This is a “tabbed” screen with the default being the “Applications” tab. This tab will show Applications defined for the company. If you have navigated away from this screen, click the “Home” breadcrumb to return.

Users who are part of an “Admin” company will see Applications from all companies. Applications can be limited by selecting a company name from the selection list above the list.

Note that the Application list includes whether the Application is running (data collected from devices will be sent to the application’s server), as well as a button to Start or Stop the application.

To get details on an Application, click on its name. This will show a tabbed view, with the first tab showing a list of the Devices linked to the Application. The second tab, labeled “Application details” will show the Application’s settings: the name, the URL to send data to, the Reporting Protocol to be used, and the available Network Types that the Application supports, with any Network Type-specific data for the selected Network Types. Clicking “CREATE APPLICATION” on the Home screen with allow entry of the same information for a new Application.

Application Form