Network Management

Networks can be viewed and updated by selecting the Networks pull-down from the top menu, and selecting the Networks item.

A selection list of existing Networks is provided. To edit one, simply click on the name. To create a new one, click the “CREATE NETWORK” button.

Networks link a Network Type (defining the data needed for the network), a Network Protocol (defining how to interact with the remote network server), and a Network Provider (who is responsible for the server). In addition, a Base URL is provided which is passed to the Network Protocol so the code can know how to find the remote network server on the Internet. Finally, any Network Type-specific configuration is set.

Note that when a Network Type is selected, only those Network Protocols that support the Network Type will be enabled for selection.

Base URLs should use https, or the network should be implemented to encrypt data to the remote server so no sensitive data can be easily intercepted.

Network Form