Support many IoT networks in one place

There are many network providers out there, each with their own preferred technologies. LPWAN Server allows the client application vendor to configure their application(s) and devices in a single interface for any number of these network providers at one time, and in one place.

Support many types of IoT networks

Technologies for IoT devices can vary, from LoRa (The LoRa Alliance) to NB-IoT (Wikipedia) to many more. LPWAN Server allows for the unique configuration needs of the technologies without requiring the redundant and tedious and error-prone re-entry of the data across many interfaces.

Data delivery consolidation

The data from the various networks is delivered to the LPWAN Server, which then passes that data back to the client application vendor’s system.


LPWAN Server was designed to be extendable. Of course, new networks can be added as needed, but also new network types (LoRa vs. NB-IoT, etc.) and network configuration protocols (LoRa Open Source vs. The Things Network) can be added as needed by the LPWAN Server system administrators. Further, the user interface can be easily extended to support the new data required by these new network types.