A public docker image exists for LPWAN Server. The easiest way to deploy LPWAN Server is to use a container management tool, like Docker Machine. LPWAN Server provides an example docker-compose file.


LPWAN Server depends on a running instance of Prisma to which the provided Datamodel has been deployed. The datamodel is at prisma/versions/v{n}. Prisma provides a Docker image, so you can run Prisma alongside LPWAN Server. Prisma gets configured with the details of Postgresql. You can choose to run Postgres via the public Postgres Docker image or by using a hosted Postgres service.

Setup Postgresql

Setup an uninitialized Postgres service.

Setup Prisma

Make a folder inside the repo at prisma/prod to hold your production prisma.yml file. Create or update a running Prisma instance to be able to connect to your Postgres instance. Here are some documentation pages.

Make sure to setup Authentication by following the docs.

From within your production prisma.yml file, point to the latest version of the Datamodel.

Deploy Prisma

Use Prisma’s CLI to deploy the provided datamodel to the Prisma service that you created for LPWAN Server.


LPWAN Server uses Redis for PubSub and DB caching.

Configure LPWAN Server to connect to Prisma and Redis

Set these environment variables when running LPWAN Server.

LPWAN Server

Docker Image

Refer to the configuration page for information on configuring the LPWAN Server.

Web Client Assets

If you want to serve the web-client from a CDN, object storage platform, or any other server than the one provided in the Web Client docker image, the build page shows you how to configure the Web Client with the LPWAN Server location and build the app assets. Also set LPWAN Server’s public_dir setting to an empty string when deploying LPWAN Server.