LPWAN Server

If you’ve customized the LPWAN Server, you can build a custom docker image. This shouldn’t be necessary unless you’ve actually added or modified code. It would also be necessary if you want LPWAN Server to serve a custom UI.

Run docker build:

$ docker build -f docker/Dockerfile -t <my-registry>/<my-lpwanserver>:<version> .

Web Client

If you want to use the default web-client, but you want to customize or configure it, you will need to build the static assets.

# From within the lpwanserver-web-client repo
npm run build

If you plan to serve the customized/configured web-client from LPWAN Server, you’ll need to copy the built files into the lpwanserver repo and then use the command above to build a new docker image. The Dockerfile is setup to copy the public folder into the image, so it’s easiest to use the public folder. Also make sure the LPWAN Server’s public_dir config variable is set to public.

mv build/* ../lpwanserver/public
# run docker build command above

If you plan to serve the static assets from elsewhere, you’ll need to set the location of the LPWAN Server before building the web-client assets. Use REACT_APP_REST_SERVER_URL in the .env file.