Quickstart using Docker-Compose

Docker Compose (part of Docker) makes it possible to orchestrate the configuration of multiple Docker containers at once using a docker-compose.yml file.


Docker, Docker Compose, and Node.js are required to run LPWAN Server according to this guide.

Refer to the Requirements page for instructions on how to install these tools.

Refer to the Download and Setup page for instructions on downloading and installing LPWAN Server.

Start Demo

The LPWAN Server is setup with a “demo” script to start the server and accompanying services. Running the demo is the easiest way to try out LPWAN Server.

# Start demo

# Stop demo
./bin/demo stop



You can view these files to find out more about the commands and configurations involved in running the demo.

Use Demo


Use these credentials to log in.

Create a connection to the LoRa Server Network

If the network was succesfully created, this confirms that LPWAN Server and LoRa Server and communicating correctly.