Network Protocol Extensions

A Network Protocol is the code that takes the data of a given Network Type and passes it to a remote network with a given API. The point is to have that remote network behave as if the data had been entered on that system directly.

Network Protocol Extensions can be found and added in the rest/networkProtocols/handlers directory off of the repository’s root directory.

All Network Protocols extend provided JavaScript classes in order to share business logic. A Network Protocol should extend the class in the file networkProtcols/NetworkProtcol.js. From there, you can use additional inheritence for Network Types, versions, etc. The path to the new Network Protocol also needs to be added to the array at the top of networkProtocols/networkProtocols.js. Network Protocols are registered asynchronously, but in a sequential sequence, so one registration doesn’t start until the completion of the previous registration.

Many Network Protcol methods receive an object referred to as dataAPI. This is defined in networkProtocolDataAccess.js, and is intended to be the means by which Network Protocols access LPWAN Server models.